My name is Derrika Hunt and I founded Dreamers4Change Foundation as a home for my all of my dreams. I’ve always been a dreamer. Even as a little girl my mother would chastise me for “daydreaming too much.” But my dreams and daydreams have been so important to helping me survive this world. They have sustained me. Now I’m putting my daydreaming to use and channeling it to help me in my quest to change myself and maybe o20160505_081645-1 (1)ne day even change the world. My life has really exceeded expectations. Never in a million years did I ever believe that I would grow up to travel the world, embark on the journey to completing my PhD and have so many fascinating, life-altering experiences. But here I am, in my 3rd year of my PhD, and on a mission to continue my commitment to community service, community development and spreading love. 

My combined love for writing, travel and community service have inspired me to start Dreamers4Change, Inc. As such, I have organized a series of projects: Traveling4Change, Passports4Change and Art4Change. Each of these projects are connected to my vision of dreaming up the world as a place of love, freedom and equality for all. Please Click on each project to learn more about them and ways you can get involved!

Thank you for taking time out to visit my site. Will you join me in my quest?


Remember to keep dreaming, loving and changing.

In love and solidarity,

Derrika Hunt, MSW



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